What is the ULTIMATE CELL?

The ULTIMATE CELL is an optimization device for internal combustion engines, which reduces both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, being effective on diesel, petrol and LPG engines.

Is the ULTIMATE CELL the same for all types of vehicles?

There are 3 versions of ULTIMATE CELL:

- UCCE for light vehicles;
- UCTE for heavy vehicles and generators;
- UCBE for boats.

Depending on the engine type and size, more then one device may be necessary in the same engine, with a ratio of one ULTIMATE CELL for each 2300 cm3.
Example: For a boat with an engine V12 with 27.000 cm3, 12 ULTIMATE CELLs will be necessary.

Where can you buy an ULTIMATE CELL?

You can buy your ULTIMATE CELL from our distributors network. Please check our Distributors page or fill a contact form to be redirected to the nearest dealer