How should I measure the fuel consumption to confirm the savings?

The best method to calculate the fuel consumption is to take note of the driven miles between fill-ups and divide it by the number of gallons of fuel. You’ll get the fuel consumption in Miles per Gallon.

Is there a sheet provided by ULTIMATE POWER that helps me to monitor my fuel consumption?

Ask for a fuel log sheet on your selling point. The ULTIMATE POWER will be glad to help you measure how much you are saving.

Is the fuel consumption reduction rate always the same?

No, the best results are normally achieved after 3 full tanks of fuel.

What should I do if, after consuming 3 tanks of fuel, I still have no positive results?

If you don’t verify the expected fuel consumption reduction, you should contact the after sales department and ask for technical support.

Should I always fill up the fuel tank?

Filling up the fuel tank is the best way for checking fuel consumption.