Forklift MANITOU MT523

Ultimate Power, together with our distributor SAVEFFICIT-DRIVING ENERGY LTD, hereby reports another application of our products in an industrial equipment with excellent results in terms of energy savings. The equipment in question was a telescopic forklift Manitou MT523, which were installed two UCTE and has been observed after installation, a consumption reduction from an average of 3.83 liters / hour to 2.86 liters / hour. This decrease represents an average reduction of 25.3% in

Excavator Volvo EC290C

It is with great pleasure that we report that our Distributor SAVEFFICIT-DRIVING ENERGY LTD installed in a Volvo Excavator Model EC290C five ULTIMATE CELLS TRUCK ENGINE (UCTE). The client where this installation was performed was the Lagoa Group located in

Smånytt Magazine from Norway

The Smånytt Magazine from Norway, published an article concerning the product commercialized by us which are described briefly some of the advantages of using our device ULTIMATE CELL, with particular emphasis on the nautical area. Our thanks to Smånytt Magazine