ULTIMATE POWER Ltd was established in October 2012. The company invests in new technologies to reduce energy consumption.

This strategy is a clear commitment to energy efficiency by contributing to reducing imports of petroleum products and decreasing the carbon footprint associated with its consumption, thus ensuring emission reductions of harmful gases.

The Euro 2020 Strategy, which defines an energy efficient Europe, is intended to help decouple economic growth from the use of resources, ensure the transition to a low carbon economy, increase the use of renewable energy sources, modernize the transport sector and promote energy efficiency. Our products/services make a clear contribution towards implementing the 2020 Euro Strategy.

The product comercialised by ULTIMATE POWER Ltd is called ULTIMATE CELL, an internal combustion engine optimizing device, reducing fuel consumption and emissions of exhaust gases. This product is effective on both diesel and petrol engines.

The device has an International Patent pending under the Patent Cooperation Treaty Patent and within WIPO-World Intellectual Property Organization.

ULTIMATE CELL is developed, manufactured and distributed worldwide by ULTIMATE POWER.

The company’s strategy is to increase in the number of products that make up our portfolio, looking to find products and services that contribute to energy efficiency, environmental protection and cost reductions.

National and International Network of Partners: Distributors, Resellers and Certified Installers

One of the strategic lines of action of ULTIMATE POWER is to globally promote our products.

The potential international technological cooperation with our partners via distributors and resellers fosters technology transfer, acquisition of know-how and technological expertise that can greatly enhance and strengthen ULTIMATE POWER’s areas of interest.

A National and International Network of Partners: Distributors, Resellers and Certified Installers has been established, allowing for a more direct and local support to our clients, ensuring a higher degree of satisfaction with our products and services.