Fernando Castro (Motorhome)

I have a motorhome that had an average consumption of 15 litres/100 Km. In the past weekend, I installed a ULTIMATE CELL, which gave positive results immediately.

Consumption fell to 11.5 litres/100 Km, i.e. a reduction of more than 20% in consumption, as well as a much larger force to intermediate speed regimes, i.e. much greater ease of driving!



Centro Social Paroquial de Pinhal Novo (Parish Social Center of Pinhal Novo – Albino Timóteo Vice-President)

In September 2013, the ULTIMATE CELL solution was installed in the vehicle fleet of CSPPN, having obtained results which exceeded even the positive frankly more optimistic expectations.

Six months after installation, a reduction of 20% was obtained on the total value of fuel expenditures in the Institution. It is estimated that this solution will enable the Institution to save about € 3,500 per year on fuel bills.

No less important, is the testimony of the drivers reporting increased availability in low and middle speed regimes, resulting in a greater ease and pleasantness on driving. Is still reported a significant reduction in the usual “black smoke” characteristic of older and high mileage Diesel cars as are some of CSPPN’s fleet.



Carlos Alberto

“After the installation of the “Ultimate Cell” in my car – Volvo S40 2T (160.000 Km) – I was surprised immediately with an increase of power in acceleration and greater response in start-up. This aspect is fundamental for overtaking.

Until now, after 2 months, consumption got a reduction of 16% (in city and also in road). I hope I still get some improvement in the future.
However I must emphasize the speed and professionalism at the time of installation.”


Lagoa Group (Excavator Volvo EC290C)

It was reported an average consumption reduction of 16.2% since that before consumed in average 18.5 litters/hour of diesel and with the installation of our equipment have reduced this value to 15.5 litters/hour.



Viveiros da Quinta da Gândara (Forklift MANITOU MT523)

On a telescopic forklift Manitou MT523, which were installed two UCTE has been observed after installation, a fuel consumption reduction from an average of 3.83 liters/hour to 2.86 liters/hour. This decrease represents an average reduction of 25.3% in the fuel consumption of the equipment.

Manitou MT 523