For how long do the warranty lasts?

Your ULTIMATE CELL has a 2 year warranty, according to the current legislation.

Warranty and Responsibility Exclusions

Are excluded all consequences of abusive use or usage of the product for different purposes then the ones described in this manual, any damage caused by negligent use or intervention on the product, as also damage caused by road accidents or other accidents such as natural causes. Is also excluded the inadequacy of the product to his original purpose if it is in any form modified, including his accessories, or if the vehicle itself is in any form mechanically modified.

What If I’m not satisfied with the results and I want to return back my ULTIMATE CELL?

ULTIMATE POWER has a Total Satisfaction Warranty for all his clients. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you have a 30 day trial period, starting from the invoice emission day; after this period you cannot return back the product. The product has to be in the original package, with the Instructions Manual and all the original box contents when you first bought it, attaching a copy of the invoice. All costs associated to the devolution of the product are not refundable. Any costs related do installation, are not refundable.